How to tell if a girl is crazy

So you just met a nice girl and you’ve taken her on a few dates. How can you tell if she really is a nice person or a secret lunatic?

Here’s a quick guide on how to tell whether the girl you just met is a keeper or a nut-job. It’s difficult to tell at first, I know, you see things through rose-tinted spectacles and you’re slowly getting high on the amount of Emporio Armani you just applied. But, there are telltale signs that you can use to judge whether or not the girl you just asked out on a date is a girl to impress your parents or whether you’re getting your wing mirrors smashed in and faeces posted through your letterbox when you don’t text her back.

Top 5 signs:


  1. She has problems with people at her work

Women often have arch enemies and it’s totally normal for a girl to have a couple of bad work relationships. When they start to have problems with 3-6 people, alarm bells should start to ring. If she has an issue with more than 6 people at her job, she is probably the one with the issues and you should get out of there whilst you can.

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    4.  Overusing dramatic memes

Yeh, the sort of girl who regularly posts Marilyn Monroe quotes such as: “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” Selfish, impatient and a little insecure? You can say that again. Monroe is not the only dramatic meme they might be overly fond of so keep an eye out.

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  1. She is really, really properly kinky

It’s good to be adventurous in the bedroom department but you should both figure out the boundaries before you show her the 50 Shades room. If you get back to her place and you see straps on each corner of the bed and she begs you to look at her sex toy collection, get out. Remember; crazy in bed; probably at least a little bitcrazy in the head.


  1. She is super clingy

If you meet a girl and despite being hot she seems to have almost no friends and a whole load of spare time, proceed with caution. If it’s only been a few dates and all she wants to do is have quiet nights in with you, alone, start to panic.


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  1. She has weird eyebrows

Never date a girl with tattooed eye brows, or a girl with one line eyebrows that look like they were done with a biro, or monobrows, or eyebrows on the forehead. Just look for a girl with normal eyebrows.


So what’s next?

Once you’ve figured the girl out, give her a rating out of 10 for craziness, with one being plain Jane and 10 being mental Mary. Do the same with hotness and follow the instructions in the video below.


Hope you enjoyed that!

Just a bit of fun!

If you have your own experiences on this topic, feel free to post on my Facebook page!


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